UnZixWin 0.1

Accesses and extracts data from ZIX archives
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Work with ZIX archives found on popular BitTorrent sites by accessing them via the decryption utility and managing the files contained within. The list of all contents is displayed in the main window with an option to extract them all or select individual elements.

UnZixWin is a new compression tool, created to give you an easier, faster and more powerful compression tool.
UnZixWin is a small Windows-based utility wrote after dissecting the format of a few ZIX archives found on popular bittorrent sites. Written in Visual Basic 6.0, it is crude and simple, but gets the job done.

It opens ZIX archives, presents a list of the contents, and lets you selectively extract whatever is inside. As a bonus, it warns you about some commonly known virus-infected things occasionally found inside.

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